Saindhav Movie iBomma 2024 Review Details

Saindhav Movie iBomma 2024 Review Details
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Saindhav Movie Trailer Venkatesh ibomma.
Release DateJanuary 13th, 2024
StarringVenkatesh Daggubati, Baby Ssara Palekar, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Arya, Shraddha Srinath, Ruhani Sharma, Andrea Jeremiah, Jisshu sen gupta, Mukesh Rishi, JP, Getup Srinu, and others
DirectorDr. Sailesh Kolanu
ProducerVenkat Boyanapalli
BannerNiharika Entertainment
Co ProducerKishore Thallur
MusicSantosh Narayan
EditorGarry Bh
Production DesignerAvinash Kolla
VFX SupervisorPraveen Ghanta
Executive ProducerS Venkatarathnam (Venkat)
PROVamsi Shekar
Publicity DesignerAnil & Bhanu
MarketingCZONE Digital Network
Music LabelSaregama
Event PartnerYou We Media
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Twitter: @niharikaent
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Facebook: @niharikaent
Saindhav Movie Review By Ibomma.
Saindhav Movie 2024: Budget and Box Office Collections
– Conflicting reports:
– Wikipedia and some sources state: ₹55 crore.
– Others suggest: around ₹85 crore (unconfirmed).
Box Office Collections:
– Total Box Office Collection: ₹19.48 crore.
– Opening day collection: ₹4 crore (falling short of the expected ₹10 crore).
– Released on January 13, 2024, facing competition from other films.
Additional Information:
– Telugu-language action thriller film with mixed reviews from critics.
– Ultimately considered a box office flop.
Saindhav Budget and Collection ibomma.

Saindhav (2024): A Mixed Bag of Action and Disappointment

Venkatesh Daggubati’s 75th venture, Saindhav, hit the screens with much anticipation, promising an adrenaline-fueled action thriller. However, the film’s release in January 2024 left audiences and critics divided, showcasing a blend of stellar performances and lackluster execution.

The Plot:

Saindhav follows the journey of its titular character (Daggubati), whose tranquil life with his daughter is disrupted by a sudden health crisis, thrusting him back into the shadows of his tumultuous past.

To save his daughter, he must confront formidable adversaries like Vikas Malik (Nawazuddin Siddiqui), navigating through treacherous terrain and moral dilemmas.


  • Stellar Cast: The film assembles a powerhouse of talent, including Daggubati, Siddiqui, Arya, and Shraddha Srinath, who deliver commendable performances despite narrative constraints.
  • Action Sequences: Director Sailesh Kolanu orchestrates gripping action sequences, especially in the latter segments of the film, elevating the cinematic experience.
  • Intriguing Premise: The concept of a reformed individual coerced into confronting his past holds promise for an engaging narrative trajectory.


  • Uneven Pacing: Saindhav grapples with a sluggish first half, failing to establish emotional resonance or narrative momentum effectively.
  • Predictable Story: Despite its intriguing premise, the plot unfolds in a formulaic manner, devoid of suspense or originality.
  • Unsatisfying Climax: The film’s resolution feels rushed and fails to deliver the emotional payoff or narrative closure expected from such a premise.
  • Underdeveloped Characters: While the ensemble cast delivers commendable performances, their characters lack depth and conviction, rendering them as mere caricatures rather than fully realized individuals.


Saindhav emerges as a film teeming with glimpses of potential, marred by its inability to transcend genre conventions. While the commendable action sequences and performances offer moments of respite, the film’s predictable narrative arc, uneven pacing, and underdeveloped characters detract from its overall impact.

While it may cater to audiences seeking a superficial action-packed experience, those yearning for a nuanced storyline with emotional depth may find themselves disillusioned.

Final Verdict:

  • Saindhav stands as a watchable yet forgettable addition to the action genre, failing to capitalize on its latent potential.

Disclaimer: This review is a culmination of publicly available information and critical consensus, aimed at providing insights into the film’s reception. Viewer discretion is advised, as individual preferences may vary.


When was Saindhav released?Saindhav made its debut in January 2024, sparking anticipation for a gripping action-packed narrative.
Who are the lead actors in the film?Venkatesh Daggubati leads the ensemble cast, supported by Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Arya, and Shraddha Srinath, who deliver compelling performances.
What are some standout features of the film?Saindhav captivates with its gripping action sequences, stellar performances, and an intriguing premise that promises a riveting cinematic experience.
Is Saindhav suitable for all audiences?While Saindhav offers adrenaline-fueled action, viewers should brace themselves for a narrative journey marred by predictability and underdeveloped characters.
Saindhav Movie Review By ibomma team.

Note: Viewer discretion is advised, as individual interpretations of cinematic experiences may vary.

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