Alayaan Movie iBomma 2024 Review Details

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Alayaan Movie Trailer Sivakarthikeyan ibomma.
StarringSivakarthikeyan, Rakul Preet Singh, Karunakaran, Yogi Babu, Sharad Kelkar, Isha Koppikar, David Broughton-Davies, Banupriya, Balasaravanan, Kothandam, Rahul Madhav
DirectorR. Ravikumar
ProducerKJR Studios
MusicA.R. Rahman
Executive ProducerEzhumalaiyan. T
Director of PhotographyNirav Shah
Film EditorRuben
Production DesignerMuthuraj.R
Action DirectorAnbariv
VFXBejoy Arputharaj, Phantom FX
Sound DesignSachin Sudhakaran, Hariharan M (Sync Cinema)
Dolby MixSivakumar
LyricsMadhan Karky, Vivek
ChoreographyGanesh Acharya, Paresh Master, Sathish Krishnan
Costume DesignerPallavi Singh, Neeraja Kona
Subtitle EditorSajid Ali
Poster DesignerGopi Prasannaa
ColoristKen Metzker
ProSuresh Chandra, Rekha – D’One
Creative PromotionsBeatRoute
Alayaan Movie Review By Ibomma.
Ayalaan (2024): Budget and Box Office Collections
Estimated at ₹75 crore (US$10 million) which includes production costs, marketing and promotion, government taxes, cast and crew payments.
Box Office Collections:
Gross worldwide: ₹96 crore (US$12 million) as of February 14, 2024.
Box Office Performance:
– Second highest-grossing Tamil film of 2024.
– One of the highest-grossing Indian films of 2024.
Considered a hit based on both critical reception and box office performance.
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Alayaan Movie Budget and Collection ibomma.

A Scintillating Ride Through Laughter and Sci-Fi: A Review of Ayalaan (Telugu)

The Telugu rendition of Ayalaan may have graced the screens a tad later than its Tamil counterpart, but it surely left an impression. Directed by R. Ravikumar, this action-comedy sci-fi extravaganza promises a delightful concoction of humor, heart, and extraterrestrial adventures. Let’s dissect the elements that make this film a potential crowd-pleaser.


Ayalaan unfolds the endearing bond between Ravi (Sivakarthikeyan), a compassionate villager, and Ayalaan (voiced by Yogi Babu), an otherworldly being stranded on Earth. Their escapades to reunite Ayalaan with his origins lead to a rollercoaster of laughter and challenges, including the nefarious intentions of a greedy businessman (Sharad Kelkar). The narrative intertwines sci-fi elements with quintessential Tamil cinema tropes, delivering a blend of humor, romance, and environmental consciousness.


Sivakarthikeyan effortlessly embodies the relatable Ravi, seamlessly transitioning between comedic highs and emotional depths. Yogi Babu’s voice infuses Ayalaan with vivacity, elevating the character’s charm with his trademark humor. The ensemble cast, featuring Rakul Preet Singh, Isha Koppikar, and Sharad Kelkar, contributes to the film’s charisma with commendable performances.

Technical Aspects:

Ayalaan dazzles with its captivating visual effects, particularly in the portrayal of Ayalaan and his extraterrestrial domain. The meticulously choreographed action sequences add excitement, complemented by A.R. Rahman’s infectious musical compositions. However, some scenes could benefit from tighter editing to alleviate pacing issues and maintain viewer engagement.


Despite its lack of groundbreaking plot twists, Ayalaan thrives on its execution and entertainment quotient. The camaraderie between the lead characters, coupled with well-timed humor and dazzling sci-fi aesthetics, ensures a delightful cinematic experience for audiences of all ages.

Additional Considerations:

  • The film’s appeal may resonate more strongly with aficionados of Tamil cinema and those seeking family-friendly humor.
  • Certain viewers might find the motivations of the antagonist somewhat underdeveloped.
  • While the environmental message is present, it could have been explored with greater depth and nuance.

Final Verdict:

If you’re in the mood for a feel-good flick brimming with laughter, action, and a dash of sci-fi, Ayalaan warrants a spot on your watchlist. Embrace the lighthearted escapade and revel in its whimsical charm, but don’t expect profound insights into complex themes.

Note: Individual preferences may vary, so approach the film with an open mind and enjoy the ride!


When was Ayalaan released in Telugu?Ayalaan hit the Telugu screens with much anticipation, promising an entertaining blend of comedy and sci-fi adventures for audiences.
Who are the lead actors in the film?Sivakarthikeyan portrays the endearing Ravi, while Yogi Babu lends his voice to the lovable Ayalaan, crafting memorable performances in tandem.
What are some standout features of the film?Ayalaan delights viewers with its captivating visuals, spirited performances, and a narrative that seamlessly blends humor, romance, and sci-fi elements.
Is Ayalaan suitable for all audiences?While Ayalaan offers a fun-filled cinematic journey, viewers should be prepared for a light-hearted experience with occasional pacing considerations.
Alayaan Movie Review By ibomma team.

Note: Viewer discretion is advised, as individual tastes and expectations may influence the movie-watching experience.

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