Premalu Movie iBomma 2024 Review Details

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Premalu Movie Trailer ibomma.
Movie TitlePremalu
In Cinemas fromFebruary 9, 2024
DirectorGirish A D
ProducersFahadh Faasil, Dileesh Pothan, Syam Pushkaran
CastNaslen, Mamitha, Althaf Salim, Shyam Mohan M, Akhila Bhargavan, Meenakshi Raveendran, Sangeeth Prathap, Shameer Khan
Written byGirish A D, Kiran Josey
MusicVishnu Vijay
CinematographyAjmal Sabu
EditorAkash Joseph Varghese
Production DesignVinod Raveendran
LyricistSuhail Koya
Sound DesignSankaran A S, K C Sidharthan
Sound MixVishnu Sujathan
VFXEgg White VFX
DI StudioColor Planet Studios
DI ColouristRemesh CP
Costume DesignDhanya Balakrishnan
Make upRonex Xavier
ActionJolly Bastin
ChoreographySreejith Dancity
Chief Associate DirectorRohith Chandrasekhar
Chief Associate CinematographerSahid Ahmed
Associate DirectorShibin Murukesh
Associate CinematographersHazil M Jalal, Siddhant Jadhav
StillsJan Joseph George
Publicity DesignsYellow Tooths
Executive ProducersBenny Kattappana, Jos Vijay
Production ControllerRichard
Production HouseBhavana Studios
DistributionBhavana Release
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Social MediaFacebook, Instagram, Twitter
©Bhavana Studios
Premalu Movie Review By Ibomma.
Premalu Movie (2024): Budget and Box Office Collections
Budget: Premalu released on February 9, 2024, with a reported budget of around ₹3 crore. This figure includes production costs, promotion, government taxes, and cast and crew salaries.
Box Office Collections: As of today, February 14, 2024, here’s what we know about the film’s box office performance:
Domestic Collections: Estimated at ₹18 crore. This number combines earnings from both Kerala and the rest of India.
Kerala Box Office: Estimated at ₹5.04 crore (as of February 11, 2024).
Rest of India: Estimated at ₹0.85 crore (as of February 11, 2024).
Overseas Collections: Estimated at ₹4.56 crore, making it the third highest-grossing Malayalam film overseas in 2024 (so far).
Overall Performance: Judging by the budget and collections, Premalu is considered a commercial success. It has already recovered its budget and continues to perform well at the box office. It might be classified as a “hit” depending on how its performance sustains in the coming weeks.
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Please note that these figures are estimates and may vary depending on the source.
Premalu Malayalam Movie ibomma Budget and collections.

Premalu: A Charming Tale of Love, Laughter, and Finding Your Way

Premalu, the latest creation by director Girish AD, has won over audiences with its heartwarming narrative, relatable characters, and delightful humor. Despite following a somewhat predictable trajectory, the film’s execution, compelling performances, and fresh approach to the classic young-adult romance genre make it a standout.

Navigating Life’s Crossroads

The storyline centers around Sachin (Naslen K. Gafoor), a recent graduate venturing into his first job and the newfound independence of living away from home. His path intersects with that of Reenu (Mamitha Baiju), a spirited and self-reliant young woman carving her own career path.

Their initial encounters brim with witty exchanges and playful banter, gradually evolving into a deeper connection.

Chemistry on Point

Naslen and Mamitha share palpable on-screen chemistry, portraying the nuances of young love with authenticity and charm. Sangeeth Prathap, in the role of Sachin’s friend Amal, injects humor with his quirky persona and impeccable comic timing.

The ensemble cast, featuring Akhila Bhargavan and Shyam Mohan, enriches the narrative with memorable performances.

Humor with Heart

Premalu shines in its ability to blend humor with emotional depth. Through clever dialogue, situational comedy, and relatable references, the film resonates with its youthful audience.

Beyond the laughs, it explores themes of self-discovery, familial expectations, and the quest for identity. The characters’ emotional arcs unfold authentically, offering moments of introspection amidst the humor.

A Runaway Pace, Yet Satisfying

Despite its 156-minute runtime, Premalu maintains a captivating pace, seamlessly transitioning between scenes and sustaining a dynamic momentum.

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