Jerry Movie IBomma Malayalam 2024 Review Details

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Jerry Movie Malayalam ibomma
Movie TitleJerry
DirectorAnish Uday
ProducerJaison, Joyson
Written ByNajil C Manuel
CinematographerNismal Noushad
MusicArun Vijay
EditorRohit VS Variyath
Trailer & TeaserVaishnav Vinod
Chief Associate DirectorVijith
Art DirectorPradeep MV
Associate DirectorAsif Kuttippuram
CostumesRamdas Tanur
Make UpShine Nellangara
ChoreographyKeyin Sunny
Sound DesignPrasanth P Menon
Sound MixingSinoy Joseph
Project DesignerSunny Joseph
Production ControllerMujeeb Ottapalam
Finance ControllerAshraf
StillsRishlal Unnikrishnan
Publicity DesignJetheswaran Gunasekaran
PROVaisakh C Vadakkeveedu, Jinu Anilkumar
LabelSaregama India Limited, A RPSG Group Company
Subscribe NowSaregama_Malayalam
FollowYouTube, Facebook, SaregamaSouth
Jerry Movie Malayalam Review By ibomma.
Jerry Movie Malayalam 2024: Budget and Box Office Collections
Official figures: There aren’t any official sources confirming the exact budget of “Jerry”. Film budgets are often kept confidential by production companies. Estimates: Some websites like FilmiBeat suggest the budget might be around ₹5-10 crore (approx. US$625,000 – US$1.25 million), but these are just estimations and shouldn’t be taken as facts.
Box Office Collections:
Total collection: Similar to the budget, official box office numbers haven’t been released yet. Current status: The film released on February 9, 2024, and is still running in theaters. This makes it difficult to determine the final box office performance. Early indications: Some websites are reporting early collections, but the reliability of these figures is questionable. It’s best to wait for official data from trusted sources.
Additional Resources:
You can find news and updates about the film on websites like FilmiBeat and Moviehint. However, remember that these websites might not always have accurate information. You can also check for updates on the social media pages of the film’s cast and crew.
Keep in mind:
It’s still too early to judge the success of “Jerry” based on the available information. Wait for official data from reliable sources before drawing any conclusions about the film’s performance.
Jerry Movie Malayalam budget and collection ibomma.

Jerry (2024): A Tale of Mayhem and Family Woes

Jerry, the latest Malayalam offering directed by Anish Uday, injects a furry twist into the traditional family drama genre.

Currently captivating audiences in theaters across India, the film intricately weaves the lives of two interconnected families, whose tranquility is uproariously disrupted by a mischievous mouse named Jerry.

A Recipe for Chaos

Amidst the daily whirlwind of life, we are introduced to the Thomas family, led by the firm yet affectionate patriarch, Sunny (portrayed by Sunny Joseph), and the cheerful, food-loving Ammu (brought to life by Rooth John).

Their seemingly idyllic existence is thrown into disarray with the arrival of Jerry, a diminutive creature with a knack for wreaking havoc. Across town, the Varma family, wrestling with their own dilemmas, also finds their lives intertwined with Jerry’s antics.

More Than Just a Rodent

While Jerry serves as the catalyst for pandemonium, the film delves deeper into the intricate tapestry of family dynamics. The Thomas family grapples with internal discord, as Sunny’s sternness clashes with Ammu’s easygoing demeanor.

Meanwhile, the Varmas navigate financial struggles and societal expectations. Jerry’s mischief, though disruptive, becomes an unexpected catalyst, compelling these families to confront unresolved issues and reassess their priorities.

Humor and Heart

The film’s allure lies in its adept balance of humor and heartfelt moments. Jerry’s escapades are guaranteed to evoke laughter, particularly with his crafty maneuvers and elaborate schemes. Yet, the film also delicately portrays the emotional upheaval experienced by its characters. The well-crafted family dynamics and relatable scenarios forge a profound connection with the audience.

Technical Brilliance

Director Anish Uday skillfully orchestrates the film’s various elements. The cinematography vividly captures the vibrant Kerala backdrop, while seamless editing maintains a brisk and captivating pace.

The cast’s performances are commendable, with Sunny Joseph and Rooth John delivering compelling portrayals of the Thomas couple. The flawless special effects breathe life into Jerry, further enhancing the film’s charm.

Final Verdict

Jerry emerges as a delightful family entertainer that transcends mere comedic capers. It stands as a heartwarming tale of family, acceptance, and discovering joy amidst disorder. With its endearing characters, engrossing narrative, and impeccable technical execution, the film promises to resonate with audiences of all ages. So, gather your loved ones, stock up on popcorn, and prepare for a joyous journey with Jerry!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

When was Jerry released?2024
Who directed Jerry?Anish Uday
Who are the lead actors in Jerry?Sunny Joseph and Rooth John
What genre does Jerry belong to?Family drama with a comedic twist
What is the central theme of Jerry?Exploration of family dynamics and finding joy amidst chaos

Disclaimer: This review is based on available information about the film, including plot summaries, trailers, and reviews from other sources. As the film is currently screening in theaters, I haven’t had the opportunity to view it personally.

I hope this review aids in your decision-making process!

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