L.L.B Life Line Bachelors Movie iBomma 2024 Review Details

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LLB Malayalam Movie ibomma.
Movie TitleLLBMovie
StarringSreenath Bhasi, Anoop Menon, Visakh Nair, Aswathlal, Sudheesh Kozhikode, Roshan Rahoof, Sreejith Ravi, Ramesh Kottayam, Siby K. Thomas, Manoj K. U. Pradeep Balan, Nissar Mamukkoya, Karthika Suresh, Seema G. Nair, Nadira Meharin, Chaithra Praveen
Music Composed byBijibal & Kailas Menon
Directed byA.M. Sidhique
Produced byMujeeb Randathani
DOPFaisal Ali
EditorAthul Vijay
Production ControllerDeepak Parameswaran
Executive ProducerSinumol Sidhique
ArtSujith Raghav
LyricsSanthosh Varma & Manu Manjith
Make UpSaji Kattakkada
CostumesAravind K. R.
Chief Associate DirectorSudheesh Gandhi
Associate DirectorJamnas Muhammed
ChoreographyM. Sherief & Imthiyas Aboobakkar
ColouristLiju Prabhakar
AudiographyDr. Aasish Jose Illickal
VFXSajan Johny (Smart Carving)
P. R. OVaisakh C. Vadakkeveedu & A. S. Dinesh
StillsShibi Sivadas
Poster DesignManu Davinci
Trailer CutMendos Antony
Audio OnTrend Music
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LLB Malayalam Movie Review by ibomma.
LLB: Life Line of Bachelors (2024)Amount
Budget₹5-10 crore (US$625,000-$1.25 million)
Box Office Collections (as of February 14, 2024)₹8 crore (US$1 million)
LLB Malayalam Movie Budget and collection ibomma.

LLB: Life Line of Bachelors – A Journey Through Friendship, College Life, and Mystery

LLB: Life Line of Bachelors, the latest Malayalam gem helmed by director A.M. Sidhique, invites viewers into the vibrant lives of three LLB students: Sibi, Sanju, and Salmaan. Released on February 2nd, 2024, this film seamlessly weaves together the threads of friendship, college escapades, and a sprinkle of mystery, ensuring a captivating cinematic experience for all.

A Glimpse into Law School Life:

In LLB, the pulse of law school existence pulsates authentically. Sibi, Sanju, and Salmaan juggle through their academic rigors, exams, and the competitive ambiance of their institution. Their camaraderie feels palpable, resonating with anyone who’s savored the highs and lows of college camaraderie.

Beyond the Classrooms:

The narrative of LLB transcends the lecture halls, delving into the personal odysseys of its protagonists. Each character harbors unique dreams and confronts individual hurdles outside the academic sphere, enriching the storytelling and fostering a profound connection between audience and cast.

Friendship Tested:

As the plot unfurls, unforeseen events strain the trio’s bonds. A mysterious occurrence shatters their equilibrium, compelling them to confront their choices and vulnerabilities. This tantalizing mystery element keeps viewers on the edge, invested in the characters’ unfolding destinies.

Performances and Technical Brilliance:

Sreenath Bhasi, Vishak Nair, and Aswanth Lal deliver compelling performances, breathing life into their characters with effortless finesse. Anoop Menon and Ramesh Kottayam shine in their supporting roles, complementing the narrative tapestry. LLB’s technical facets, from cinematography to editing and music, elevate the viewing experience, rendering it visually captivating.

A Touch of Intrigue:

While LLB primarily explores themes of friendship and self-discovery, the mystery subplot adds a tantalizing layer of intrigue. It strikes a delicate balance, keeping audiences engaged without overwhelming the core narrative.


LLB: Life Line of Bachelors emerges as a heartwarming ode to college life, friendship, and personal evolution. While the mystery aspect could have been explored further, it enriches rather than overshadows the film’s essence. For those seeking a blend of warmth and suspense, LLB is a must-watch.

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LLB Malayalam Movie Review by ibomma.

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