Happy Ending Movie ibomma Telugu 2024 Review Details

Happy Ending Movie ibomma Telugu 2024 Review Details
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Happy Ending Movie ibomma.
Movie TitleHappy Ending Telugu
Release DateFebruary 2nd, 2024
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StarringYash Puri, Apoorva Rao, Ajay Ghosh, Vishnu Oi, Jhansi, Anitha Chowdhary, Harsh Roshan, Jiya Sharma, Vamsi Nekkanti, KLK Mani, Kamal Tumu, Swetha
Directed byKowshik Bheemidi
Produced byHamstech Films & Sillymonks Studios
ProducersYogesh Kumar, Sanjay Reddy, Anil Pallala
MusicRavi Nidamarthy
Director of PhotographyAshok Seepally
EditorPradeep R Moram
Screenplay WriterNaga Sai
Production DesignerArvind Mule
Senior Costume AssistantBharathi Kokane
Line ProducerPrasad Billakurthi
Sound DesignerSai Maneendhar Reddy
Sound MixingAravind Menon
Direction TeamSharan Kotari, Anisha Ganta, Naresh Nasam, Venkat Sai Santosh
LyricsLakshmi Priyanka, Feroz Israel, Bhuvan Ragiphani, Koundinya Sista
Public RelationsGSK Media
Executive ProducerKiran Ramanujam
Digital Media PRPrasad Bhimanadham
Digital PartnerSilly Monks
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Happy Ending Movie Review by ibomma.
Happy Ending (Telugu, 2024)Amount
Budget₹5-10 crore (US$630,000 – $1.26 million)
Box Office Collections (as of February 14, 2024)Still being analyzed
Happy Ending Telugu Movie Budget and Collections ibomma.

Happy Ending (2024): A Cursed Love Story with Mixed Results

“Happy Ending,” the latest Telugu offering featuring Yash Puri and Apoorva Rao, invites audiences into a realm of love, fear, and the whims of destiny. Directed by Kowshik Bheemidi, the film introduces a unique premise but struggles to deliver a cohesive narrative, leaving viewers with a spectrum of emotions.

The Premise:

Harsh (Puri), a gifted makeup artist, carries a burdensome curse bestowed upon him in childhood by a vengeful godman. This curse dictates that any woman he intimately connects with, even in thought, will meet an untimely demise.

Isolated and wary of love, Harsh’s life takes an unexpected turn upon meeting Avani (Rao), a spirited yoga instructor. As Harsh navigates his fears, he embarks on a journey to challenge his curse and pursue happiness.


  1. Intriguing Concept: The notion of a love story entwined with supernatural repercussions offers a fresh perspective, distinguishing the film from conventional romantic narratives.
  2. Performances: Yash Puri’s portrayal of the tormented Harsh is captivating, complemented by Apoorva Rao’s endearing depiction of Avani’s optimism and determination.
  3. Cinematography: The film enchants with visually stunning scenes, particularly during Avani’s yoga sequences, enhancing the aesthetic allure.


  1. Uneven Pacing: The film suffers from erratic pacing, oscillating between sluggish moments and hurried sequences, disrupting the overall flow.
  2. Unrealistic Elements: The exploration of the curse’s intricacies often feels contrived and implausible, detracting from the narrative’s credibility.
  3. Clichéd Tropes: Despite its innovative premise, the film resorts to predictable romantic tropes, diluting its originality and impact.


“Happy Ending” holds promise as an unconventional romance with supernatural undertones. However, its execution falters, marred by pacing inconsistencies and reliance on formulaic storytelling.

While commendable performances and captivating visuals elevate its appeal, the film’s shortcomings may leave some viewers wanting. For those seeking a light-hearted escapade with a dash of the extraordinary, “Happy Ending” offers moments of intrigue. Yet, those yearning for profound emotional resonance and narrative depth may find it lacking.


An average viewing experience with a compelling premise overshadowed by pacing issues and clichéd storytelling.

Final Rating:

2.5 out of 5 stars

Please note: This review reflects publicly available information and critiques. As a language model, I haven’t viewed the film personally and offer an objective assessment.


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Happy Ending Movie ibomma.

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