Vadakkupati Ramasamy Movie iBomma 2024 Review Details

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Vadakkupati Ramasamy Movie ibomma.

| Movie Title | Vadakkupatti Ramasamy |
| Release Year | 2024 |
| Starring | Santhanam, Megha Akash, Nizhalgal Ravi, M.S. Bhaskar, Maaran, Tamil, Naan Kadavul Rajendran, John Vijay, Ravi Mariya, Seshu, Suresh, Prasanth |
| Directed By | Karthik Yogi |
| Music By | Sean Roldan |
| Produced By | T.G.Vishwa Prasad |
| Banner | People Media Factory |
| Co-Producer | Vivek Kuchibhotla |
| Creative Producer | V.Shree Natraj |
| Associate Producers | Sunil Shah, Raja Subramanian |
| Executive Producer | Vijaya Rajesh |
| Cinematographer | Deepak |
| Film Editor | T. Shivanandeeswaran |
| Art Director | A. Rajesh |
| Stunt | Mahesh Mathew |
| Choreographer | M. Sherif |
| Lyrics | Arivu, Bakkiyam Sankar, Kavingar Sarathi |
| Additional Screenplay | Vignesh Babu, Vignesh Venugopal |
| Production Executive | T. Murugesan |
| Production Controller | Magesh Shankar, Albin Clement|
| Costume Designer | Dinesh Manoharan |
| Sound Design | Sarath kumar. M |
| Sound Mixing | Harish |
| Vfx & DI | Deccan Dreams |
| Marketing Strategist | Kaundeya S (IHORSE PICTURES)|
| Pro | Suresh Chandra, Abdul A Nassar |
| Publicity Designer | Sivakumar S (SIVADIGITALART)|
| Content Head (PMF) | Satya Bhavana Kadambari |
| Makeup | Dasarathan Dass |
| Stills | R.S. Raja |
| Costumer | M. China Swamy |

Here’s the information about the movie Vadakkupatti Ramasamy (2024):

TitleVadakkupatti Ramasamy Movie
Release DateNot specified
BudgetOfficial budget not disclosed. Estimated to be around ₹5-7 crore (US$630,000 – $880,000).
Box Office Collections (as of February 14, 2024)Still being analyzed. Estimated opening weekend collection: ₹5-6 crore (US$630,000 – $750,000) in India.
Performance– Positive reception with decent collections, especially in Tamil Nadu. – Early reports suggest potential for commercial success.
Tracking ResourcesBookMyShow, Paytm, IMDb
Vadakkupati Ramasamy Budget and Collection ibomma.

Stay tuned for more accurate data on the movie’s budget and box office success as more information becomes available.

Vadakkupatti Ramasamy (2024): A Satirical Con Gone Right, or Wrong?

Karthik Yogi’s Vadakkupatti Ramasamy, featuring Santhanam and Megha Akash, promises an uproarious journey into the realms of social satire and quick-witted banter. But does it live up to its comedic potential? Let’s dissect the highs and lows of this 2024 Tamil comedy-drama.

Plot & Performances:

Ramasamy (Santhanam), a self-proclaimed atheist, orchestrates a cunning ploy to exploit his village’s entrenched superstitions for personal gain. Yet, his scheme encounters resistance from a governmental initiative and the arrival of Dr. Kayalvizhi (Megha Akash), a rationalist. The narrative unfolds amidst the clash between faith and reason, with Ramasamy navigating the tumultuous terrain.

Santhanam’s comedic finesse shines through, as he effortlessly carries the film with his trademark wit and expressions. Megha Akash offers a refreshing counterbalance with her sincere portrayal of the pragmatic doctor. The supporting ensemble, featuring M.S. Bhaskar and John Vijay, contributes commendably to the comedic fabric.


  • Humor: The film thrives on well-crafted dialogues and punchy gags that resonate, ensuring an engaging experience. Santhanam’s comedic dexterity is unmistakable, infusing even the simplest jokes with charm.
  • Social Commentary: Amidst the laughter, the film subtly delves into themes of blind faith and the exploitation of religious sentiments, adding layers of depth and introspection.
  • Performances: The cast delivers convincing portrayals, particularly Santhanam and Megha Akash, who breathe life into their respective roles.


  • Predictable Story: Following a familiar trajectory, the plot unveils few surprises, relying heavily on established tropes. While the humor compensates, a more innovative narrative could have enhanced the film’s appeal.
  • Uneven Pacing: The film’s rhythm falters intermittently, with certain segments dragging while others rush ahead, disrupting the overall coherence and impact.
  • Underdeveloped Characters: Despite commendable performances, the characters lack depth, hovering around stereotypical archetypes. Further exploration of their motivations and backgrounds could have enriched the emotional resonance.


Vadakkupatti Ramasamy emerges as a lighthearted entertainer adorned with sharp humor and pertinent social commentary. Santhanam’s comedic prowess and the witty exchanges keep the audience invested. However, the predictable narrative and uneven pacing restrain it from realizing its full potential. If you seek a blend of amusement and reflection, this film offers an enjoyable ride. Yet, for those craving a deeper cinematic voyage, it might fall short.

Overall Rating:

3 out of 5 stars

Disclaimer: This review reflects publicly available information and serves as an analytical critique, devoid of personal biases or beliefs. Its purpose is to offer insights and analysis, not definitive judgments.


Plot & PerformancesExplore the comedic intricacies and character dynamics of Vadakkupatti Ramasamy.
StrengthsDelve into the film’s comedic charm, social relevance, and convincing performances.
WeaknessesIdentify the narrative drawbacks and pacing issues hindering the film’s overall impact.
VerdictDetermine if Vadakkupatti Ramasamy aligns with your cinematic preferences and expectations.
Overall RatingAssess the film’s holistic appeal and rating, guiding your decision for a cinematic experience.
Vadakkupati Ramasamy Movie ibomma.

By addressing these queries, audiences can glean a comprehensive understanding of the film’s essence and evaluate its resonance within the cinematic landscape.

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