UI Movie iBomma 2024 Upendra Review Details

UI Movie iBomma 2024 Upendra Review Details
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Ui Movie Trailer ibomma.
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Produced byG Manoharan – Sreekanth KP
Co – Produced byNaveen Manoharan
Executive Producer(S)G Thulasiram (Lahari Velu), G Ramesh,
G Anand, Chandru Manoharan & Nagendra
DOPH.C. Venu
MusicB Ajaneesh Loknath
EditorVijay Raj BG
Art DirectorShivakumar.J
StuntThriller Manju, Ravi Varma, Chethan
ChoreographyChinni Prakash, Imran Sardariya
Co-DirectorM N Krishna Lekhana
Associate DirectorVivek Datta, Prashanth A.P
VFX SupervisorNirmal Kumar (Radiance Fx)
ColoristAshik Kusugolli
Sound DesignVG Rajen
Dolby Atmos EngineerL. Satish Kumar
Direction TeamVedika, Manoj Das, Kishore Krishnamurthy,
Sai Charan C Rai, Pardha Saradhi M,
Abhijna R.N
Production In-chargeSatish Kumar Billadi
Production ManagerKiran, Anil
Costume DesignersBharath Sagar, Varshini Janakiram
Company CostumeNarayan
Art AssociatesKiran Ajay Kumar, Manu Prasad, Sunil
Publicity & MarketingPuneeth Kumar
Finance TeamD.M. Madesh, Ranjini S, Shaila N Rao
UI Movie Upendra Review by ibomma.

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  • Upendra’s Vision: Upendra is renowned for his unconventional and thought-provoking filmmaking. Audiences anticipating a unique cinematic experience may appreciate his vision and execution.
  • Technical Aspects: With a reported budget of ₹100 crore, the film is poised to showcase high production values, including cinematography, set design, and action sequences.
  • Genre Appeal: The fusion of dystopian themes, action sequences, and the presence of a celebrated actor like Upendra could draw a diverse audience interested in both commercial entertainment and thematic depth.


  • High Expectations: Upendra’s past works have received critical acclaim, setting a lofty standard for “UI.” Failing to meet these expectations might result in disappointment among viewers and critics alike.
  • Ambiguity: The scarcity of information regarding the plot and characters could pose challenges for critics in assessing the film’s overall coherence and emotional impact.
  • Accessibility: The surrealist nature of the film might deter viewers seeking a more straightforward narrative, potentially limiting its appeal.


Reviews for “UI” are anticipated to be mixed, with some lauding its ambition, technical finesse, and Upendra’s creative vision, while others might critique its narrative complexity, niche appeal, and the burden of living up to high expectations.

Ultimately, the film’s critical reception hinges on its execution, striking a balance between its distinct vision and captivating storytelling.

Important Note: This assessment is based on available information and industry insights. Actual reviews may diverge significantly based on the final film and individual critics’ perspectives.

I hope this provides insight! Keep in mind that this overview is speculative, and the true quality of the film will only be evident upon its release.

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