Sharathulu Varthisthai Movie iBomma 2024 Review Details

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Sharathulu Varthisthai Movie Trailer Ibommaone.
Movie TitleSharathulu Varthisthai
CastChaitanya Rao Madadi, Bhoomi Shetty, Nanda Kishore, Santosh Yadav, Deva Raj Palamuru, Padmavathi, Venkey Monkey, Shiva Kalyan, Mallesh Balast, Sitha Mahalaxmi, Peddinti Ashok Kumar, Sujatha, Sai, Sujatha Devi, Sowjanya, Guntula Radhika, Sruthi Pallepogu, Rj Avinash, Nabeel Afridi, Shiva Goud, Sai Goud, Swarna Kilari, Sambbatoori Suneetha, Narsavva
Written & Directed ByKumara Swamy (Akshara)
ProducersSreelatha – Nagarjun Samala, Sharadha – Sreesh Kumar Gunda, Vijaya – Dr.Krishna Kanth Chittajallu
MusicArun Chiluveru & Suresh Bobbili (Pannendu Gunjala)
Background MusicPrince Henry
CinematographyPraveen Vanamali & Shekar Pochampally
Art DirectorGandhi Nadikudikar
EditingCh.Vamshi Krishna & Gajjala Rakshith Kumar
DialoguesPeddinti Ashok Kumar
Dolby Atoms MixDevi Krishna Kadiyala (Ramanaidu Studios)
Sound DesignJ.R.Ethiraj (Ramanaidu Studios)
Publicity DesignerDhani Aelay
VFXVisual Cuts
Colorist, DIBhusam Kiran Kumar (Deccan Dreams – Ramanaidu Studios)
Creative HeadCheran (Saidulu.P)
Executive ProducersRajesh Swarna, Sampath Bhimari & Aswatthama
DigitalVineeth & Sandeep
Line ProducerSirisilla Satya Narayana
PROGsk Media & Sreedhar Sri
BannerStarlight Studios Pvt Ltd
Music LabelIcon Music South
Sharathulu Varthisthai Movie Review by ibomma.

Sharathulu Varthisthai (2024): A Slice of Life Drama with Heart and Humor

Sharathulu Varthisthai, directed by Kumaraswamy and starring Chaitanya Rao Madadi and Shetty Bhoomi, promises a heartwarming journey into the lives of a lower middle-class family in Karimnagar. While the film is yet to release as of February 17, 2024, based on the available information, here’s a glimpse of what audiences might expect:

Setting the Stage:

The teaser offers a peek into the dynamics of the Chiranjeevi household, led by the spirited Lachchava (Padmavati). Chiranjeevi (Chaitanya), the son, embodies the struggles and aspirations of urban youth. The film’s social satirical elements hint at relatable themes like navigating societal pressures, chasing dreams within limited means, and the complexities of family relationships.

Director’s Vision:

Kumaraswamy, known for his works like Appatlo Okadundevaadu and Needi Naadi Okate Katha, brings his expertise in showcasing realistic narratives with emotional depth. Judging by the teaser, Sharathulu Varthisthai seems to blend humor and drama seamlessly, offering a slice of life experience that resonates with audiences.

Performances to Watch:

Chaitanya Rao Madadi, who impressed in 30 Weds 21, takes on the lead role, promising a relatable portrayal of Chiranjeevi’s journey. Shetty Bhoomi, a newcomer, makes her debut alongside seasoned actors like Nanda Kishore and Peddinti Ashok Kumar, adding intrigue to the cast’s dynamics.

What to Look Forward To:

  • Authentic Portrayal: If the teaser is any indication, the film promises an authentic portrayal of lower middle-class life, capturing its challenges and aspirations with sensitivity.
  • Social Commentary: The satirical elements suggest the film will touch upon relevant social issues, sparking thought-provoking conversations.
  • Emotional Connect: The heart-warming interactions between family members and Chiranjeevi’s personal struggles promise an emotionally engaging experience.


Since the film hasn’t released yet, this is just a preview based on available information. The actual review can only be written after the film’s release, where a more comprehensive analysis of its plot, performances, and overall impact can be provided.

Are you excited for Sharathulu Varthisthai? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Disclaimer: This is a speculative review based on available information and does not constitute a final judgement of the film.

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