Razakar Movie iBomma 2024 Review Details

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Razakar Movie Trailer by ibomma.
Razakar – Official Trailer
Release DateTBA
StarringRaj Arjun, Bobby Simha, Anasuya, Vedhika
DirectorYata Satyanarayana
ProducerGudur Narayan Reddy B.Com, LLB
Music DirectorBheems Ceciroleo
Director of Photography (DOP)Ramesh Kushendar
LyricistsSuddala Ashokteja, Kasarla Shyam
ChoreographersSwarna, Shankar, Suchithra Chandrabose
Executive ProducerDr. AnjiReddy Pothireddy
Action DirectorsNaba, Navakanth
Production DesignerThirumala M. Thirupathi
Costume DesignerPooja Vangala
VFXRaghav Thammareddy, D.V. Ramanathan
Production ControllerAravind Reddy
Public Relations Officer (PRO)Vamsi Kaka
Digital MarketingWalls & Trends
Music LabelAditya Music
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Razakar Movie ibomma Review Team.
Movie TitleRazakar (2024)
Budget₹10 Crore (Indian Rupees)
Box OfficeEstimated ₹1.58 Crore (Indian Rupees)
Razakar Movie Budget and collection 2024.

Razakar (2024): A Look Back at a Turbulent Chapter in Indian History

Embark on a journey through time with Razakar (2024), a historical drama that plunges into the depths of the Hyderabad Liberation Movement of 1948. Released in March 2024, this film transports audiences to a pivotal moment in India’s struggle for independence, shedding light on the valiant efforts of the people of Telangana as they battled for their religious freedom and cultural identity amidst political and military oppression.

Reclaiming Identity

Directed by Yaata Satyanarayana, Razakar spotlights the Razakars, a paramilitary force enlisted by the Hyderabad State under the Nizam’s rule. Serving as instruments of tyranny, the Razakars become the focal point of the narrative, with the film chronicling the unwavering resistance of the Telangana populace against their oppressive reign.

A Complex Historical Narrative

Razakar has sparked significant attention for its portrayal of a sensitive period in Indian history. The Hyderabad Liberation Movement unfolds as a tapestry of complexity, offering multiple perspectives on the tumultuous events that transpired. The film has ignited debates regarding the depiction of the Razakars and the nuanced portrayal of the historical context.

Critical Reception and Discussion

Reviews for Razakar have been polarized. While some critics laud the film’s endeavor to illuminate a lesser-known chapter of Indian history, applauding the stellar performances by the cast including Raj Arjun, Bobby Simha, and Anasuya Bharadwaj, others critique its potentially one-sided representation of the events. Nevertheless, Razakar serves as a catalyst for meaningful discourse, captivating the interests of history enthusiasts and cinema aficionados alike.

Before You Watch

Before immersing yourself in Razakar, it’s imperative to grasp the historical backdrop against which the narrative unfolds. Conducting background research on the Hyderabad Liberation Movement will enrich your viewing experience, providing invaluable insights into the complexities of the events depicted in the film.

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