Praveen IPS Movie iBomma 2024 Telugu Review Details

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Peaveen IPS Trailer ibomma one Telugu.
Movie TitlePraveen IPS
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StarringNanda Kishore, Roja, Durgha dev Naidu, Vanya Agarwal
ProducerMamidala Neela
Written & DirectedDurgha Dev Naidu
Director of Photography (DOP)Nag Sodhanapalli
MusicNs Prasu
EditorRm vishwanadh kuchanapally
DubbingDwani Studios
Story DepartmentAjay, Abhi Dev, Padma
LyricsKiran Olety, Ramadurgam
My TeamSrinu Yadav, Sharvan, Uday satya raj
AudioAditya Music
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Praveen IPS Movie Review by ibomma one

Praveen IPS (2024): A Gripping Tale of Duty and Justice, Hampered by Clichés

Praveen IPS, the latest offering from writer-director Durgha Dev Naidu, is a Telugu action drama that promises a thrilling journey into the world of an upright police officer.

While the film delivers on its core premise of showcasing Praveen’s unwavering commitment to justice, it stumbles upon well-worn narrative tropes and predictable character arcs, ultimately creating a viewing experience that feels somewhat formulaic.

The Unyielding Hero:

Nandha Kishor Dhulipala portrays Praveen, an IPS officer who embodies honesty and integrity. Faced with a corrupt system and powerful adversaries, Praveen remains undeterred, his determination to uphold the law forming the crux of the narrative. Dhulipala delivers a sincere performance, effectively capturing the protagonist’s unwavering principles and unwavering spirit.

A Predictable Plot:

The film’s plot adheres to familiar beats of the vigilante cop versus corrupt officials trope. While the initial setup holds promise, the predictable twists and turns leave little room for surprise. The narrative unfolds in a linear fashion, lacking the complexity that could have elevated the film beyond its conventional framework.

Action with Limitations:

The action sequences, though adequately choreographed, lack the grit and rawness that would have made them truly impactful. The film relies heavily on CGI, which, while passable, fails to fully immerse viewers in the action’s intensity.

Supporting Cast:

The supporting cast, including Roja Kushi and Vanya Agarwal, deliver decent performances, but their characters are largely underdeveloped and lack depth. The film could have benefited from fleshed-out supporting roles that would have added more layers to the narrative.

Technical Aspects:

The cinematography by Nag Sodhanapalli is visually competent, capturing the bustling cityscapes and rural landscapes with clarity. The editing by Vishwanadh Kuchanapally maintains a steady pace, ensuring the film remains engaging throughout.


Praveen IPS is a watchable action drama that falters due to its predictable narrative and underdeveloped characters. While Nandha Kishor Dhulipala’s performance as the righteous protagonist is commendable, the film ultimately fails to break free from the shackles of conventionality.

If you’re looking for a familiar action hero story with a touch of Telugu flavor, Praveen IPS might offer some entertainment. However, if you crave something more nuanced and surprising, you might want to look elsewhere.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Please note: This is a fictional review based on the information available about the movie. As the movie is not yet released, it is impossible to provide an accurate review of its plot, characters, or technical aspects.

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