Laandhar Movie iBomma 2024 Review Details

Laandhar Movie iBomma 2024 Review Details
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Laandhar (2024): A Flickering Flame

Laandhar, the Tamil crime thriller released in June 2024, aims to be a gripping chase between a cop and a serial killer. While the premise holds promise, the film falls short of delivering a truly suspenseful experience.

A Familiar Plot, Unevenly Lit

Laandhar struggles with originality. The core narrative—a police officer hunting a masked murderer—feels like well-trodden ground. The screenplay fails to capitalize on the potential of the story. Incoherent writing and a lack of depth in character development make it difficult to fully engage with the film’s twists and turns.

Performances Underwhelm

The acting in Laandhar seems to mirror the uneven quality of the script. Vidaarth, the lead actor portraying the cop, delivers a competent performance but fails to completely captivate the audience. Sahana Manju, who plays a significant role, doesn’t quite manage to convey the emotional intensity required by her character.

Flickers of Hope

Despite the criticism, Laandhar isn’t entirely without merit. Some reviewers acknowledge the film’s entertainment value, particularly for those seeking a straightforward cop thriller without social commentary. The technical aspects, including Praveen’s background score and Gnanasowndar’s camerawork, receive a nod of approval.

The Final Verdict

Laandhar is a film with a flickering flame. While there are glimpses of a good thriller here and there, the weak script and underwhelming performances prevent it from truly shining. If you’re looking for a suspenseful nail-biter, this might not be it. But for fans of unadulterated police procedurals, it could provide a mildly diverting watch.


What is Laandhar about?

Laandhar is a Tamil crime thriller that follows a police officer as he hunts down a masked serial killer.

Who are the main actors in Laandhar?

The film stars Vidaarth as the police officer and Sahana Manju in a significant role.

How has the film been received?

The film has received mixed reviews, with critics pointing out its lack of originality and uneven performances.

Are there any standout elements in Laandhar?

The background score by Praveen and the cinematography by Gnanasowndar have been praised for their technical quality.

Is Laandhar worth watching?

If you enjoy straightforward cop thrillers, Laandhar might be a mildly entertaining watch. However, if you seek a deeply suspenseful and engaging film, it may not meet your expectations.


DirectorVinay Sharma
Release DateJune 2024
Main CastVidaarth, Sahana Manju
GenreCrime Thriller
StrengthsBackground score, cinematography
WeaknessesLack of originality, weak script, underwhelming performances

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