Indrani Movie iBomma 2024 Review Details

Indrani Movie iBomma 2024 Review Details
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Indrani (2024): A Visually Stunning Debut Marred by Execution Issues

Indrani, directed by Stephen Suman Babu, hit theaters this June, promising a high-octane sci-fi adventure featuring India’s first big-screen superheroine. While the film impresses with its visual spectacle and fresh concept, its execution leaves much to be desired.

Visual and Conceptual Strengths

Indrani’s central draw is its protagonist, a woman empowered by a time-traveling AI named Happy. The film takes viewers on a thrilling journey through time, vividly depicting future India with impressive visuals. The special effects, particularly during battles with a monstrous alligator and aerial combat with villainous blackbirds, are commendable. Sai Karthik’s soundtrack also enhances the immersive experience.

Strong Performances and Innovative Storyline

Newcomer Yaaneea Bharadwaj steps into the role of Indrani, showcasing her potential as an action heroine. Director Babu deserves credit for his innovative storyline and unique concept, offering a refreshing change in Indian cinema.

Pacing and Script Issues

However, Indrani stumbles with its nearly two-and-a-half-hour runtime, leading to pacing issues. Some sequences feel underdeveloped, and clunky dialogue disrupts the viewing experience. The script could have benefited from tighter editing to maintain narrative momentum.

Commercial Elements and Overall Impact

In an attempt to appeal to a broad audience, the film incorporates commercial masala elements like forced humor and unnecessary songs, which detract from its core strengths. These additions cheapen the overall impact and divert attention from the movie’s more compelling aspects.

Final Verdict

Despite its shortcomings, Indrani is a promising step forward for Indian science fiction. The film’s ambition and technical achievements are noteworthy, but a tighter script and focus could have elevated it further. This superhero origin story offers a dazzling visual spectacle but doesn’t fully capitalize on its potential.


Q: What is the main plot of Indrani?

A: Indrani follows the journey of a woman empowered by a time-traveling AI named Happy, embarking on a sci-fi adventure through future India.

Q: Who stars in Indrani?

A: Newcomer Yaaneea Bharadwaj stars as Indrani, with commendable performances from the supporting cast.

Q: What are the film’s strengths?

A: Indrani’s strengths lie in its visual effects, innovative storyline, and the central performance by Yaaneea Bharadwaj.

Q: What are the film’s weaknesses?

A: The film struggles with pacing issues, underdeveloped sequences, clunky dialogue, and unnecessary commercial elements.

Q: Is Indrani worth watching?

A: If you enjoy visually impressive sci-fi films and are interested in a fresh concept in Indian cinema, Indrani is worth a watch. However, be prepared for some pacing and script issues.

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