Chandu Champion Movie iBomma 2024 Review Details

Chandu Champion Movie iBomma 2024 Review Details
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Chandu Champion: A Heartfelt Tribute with Room for Improvement

Kartik Aaryan takes a dramatic turn in Kabir Khan’s “Chandu Champion,” a biopic chronicling the life of Murlikant Petkar, India’s first Paralympic gold medalist. The film succeeds in being an engaging and inspirational watch, but falls short of reaching its full potential.

Aaryan Shines as the Determined Athlete

The biggest win for “Chandu Champion” is Aaryan’s performance. He sheds his usual comedic persona to embody Petkar with dedication. Aaryan portrays the character’s transformation from a hopeful young boy to a determined athlete, even showcasing vulnerability in moments of despair. This performance marks a turning point for Aaryan, proving his ability to handle serious roles.

Director Kabir Khan Delivers a Familiar Formula

Khan, known for films like “Chak De! India” and “83,” delivers a competent sports biopic. The narrative structure is familiar, following the underdog’s journey to triumph. While predictable at times, the film maintains momentum with its fast pace and crowd-pleasing moments.

Emotional Resonance and Technical Glitches

The film excels in capturing the emotional core of Petkar’s story. The struggles of a young man with a disability, the unwavering support of his family, and the power of perseverance resonate with the audience. However, some prosthetic effects used in close-up shots appear unconvincing, taking viewers out of the emotional moment.

A Missed Opportunity for Depth

While the film celebrates Petkar’s achievements, it occasionally feels formulaic. The script could have delved deeper into the psychological impact of his injuries and the societal challenges he faced. Additionally, the lack of prominent female characters is a missed opportunity for a more nuanced portrayal of Petkar’s support system.

Verdict: A Feel-Good Watch with Reservations

“Chandu Champion” is a crowd-pleaser that will leave you teary-eyed and inspired. Aaryan’s performance is a highlight, and the film serves as a worthy tribute to a national hero. However, its adherence to a familiar template and occasional technical flaws prevent it from being a truly exceptional biopic.

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